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SEA SUNDAY 12jul15

Dear friends , associates ,chaplains AOS,
This yr sea Sunday 12th July I had the opportunity to write up something for our India REDEMPTORIST sermon help bulletin " BREAKING THE WORD" .this goes india and worldwide to priests , seminarians et alia.
Target group : weekend parishioners at church.
I'm sending you the same .free to use. Free to pass on.
Xavier pinto. Cssr.

Breaking the Word Homily .
15th Sun Ord. time 12July15
Note: On the second Sunday in July Every year The Church in the Maritime World celebrates worldwide: “Sea Sunday”. Please pray for all seafaring persons- Sailors and fishing communities.

Today’s Theme: Call, Challenge, Commitment.

Expression 1 -The messenger of God will always face Challenges and hardships in following his/her Call. God’s guidance is assured if we are Committed.
Expression 2 - When the Message is to be about God, the Messenger can be assured it will be accompanied by Gods guidance.
I. Words of welcome before Mass.
In the spreading of God’s word very little is by chance. Most is by plan. A plan God makes for his word and his message to bear fruit in the lives of all. In this plan he picks individuals and individuals from groups to be his messengers. In today’s Liturgy and readings especially from Amos and the Gospel we are informed about the challenge taken up by an individual (Amos) and by the close disciples of Jesus (as individuals in a group) to be serious in being messengers of Gods plan in this world. We too are called to be Committed. Challenges are part of this life.

The photograph is a state of the Mass in the ship at the Port of Tokyo. It is independent of the document
II. Penitential:
1. For the times I have failed in my thinking that God is within me and for not doing my best to inspire others. LHM.
2. For the times I have failed others in my words; speaking ungodly or hurtful words, CHM.
3. For all the times my actions may not be in sync with Gospel values. LHM.
III. Liturgy of the Word:
1. Amos 7/12- 15 - Prophet Amos is very clear that the Lord calls him from the human situation & simplicity of his life.
2. Eph 1/3- 14 - Gods choice of you and me is with a purpose. In his very choice of us we experience freedom, and we belong to God. We are to be Messengers.
3. Mk 6/ 7- 13- Jesus sends out his disciples reminding them of the challenges they will face in the carrying of his message to the world.
IIII. Homily suggestions:
A real-life situation to consider.
A young seafarers/Sailor decided to answer a call for a job on an Ocean Liner. This department in the Maritime world is called the Cruise Ship Industry. These large ships sometimes 15 storeys high; may be termed floating hotels. The salary offer was good, the perks seemed lucrative, and he had the qualifications in the trade. He joined the ship. Unfortunately he was not able to calculate the challenges he would have to face by way of long working hours and difficult relationship issues with colleagues in work with him. There were 3500 people on holiday on board the ship, and a work-force of 1000. He began to get pulled up for late-coming, for shoddy work; for getting into arguments with his fellow workers; for un-Christian behaviour & rough language. The contract of work was for eight months. He had to quit after four. Unfortunate. We may say that since his commitment suffered he was unable to be faithful to his call and unable to cope up with the challenges of his task. We may
also say that he failed to think of even his basic Christian calling. As an AOS chaplain I did a session or two of AOS counsel . I was hopeful he would return to his job with a renewed mind set and vigour. He did.
God’s word to Inspire.
Through the readings today we are reminded that every Christian; working in service or in business, married or single , priest or religious , young or old is CALLED by God to be a messenger. It is up to us to fine tune our commitment and try our best to encounter the challenges and overcome the difficulties that accompany them.

Amos brought Gods message to his people. He spoke out against the kind of leadership prevalent. He was hardly liked for what he said. He was rejected and had to suffer much. Writing to the Ephesians St. Paul assured them that they belong to God. God’s very choice of them gives them the freedom to be his Messengers. That they should be worthy of that calling and stay on track. The Apostles who carried Jesus message to the world had many hardships to bear. Jesus had informed them in advance this would happen. He had given them the tools of the trade. Don’t carry haversacks, no sandals, no money in your purse... etc. They were to bring people back to God.... especially by appealing to them that they should turn away from their sins.

The photograph is a state of the Mass in the ship at the Port of Tokyo. It is independent of the document
We are Messengers.

As Individuals you & I are to be Messengers of God. You in the workplace you are in today, as you move among your friends and acquaintances. As a family too we are messengers of God. Among family members Father/Mother/Children we are to bear witness to each other about how good God has been to us. In the neighbourhood (as part of the Small Christian Community) in the situation you are in today we are called to witness to our best the values of God and Gospel.
Let us acknowledge that our CALL is from God... Baptism, confirmation the sacrament of matrimony and priesthood and religious life ... all these stem from God wanting you and me to be effective instruments of his love in this world.
- In matters of justice in society one is called to stand up to the truth. Often one can’t do this alone; so we join hands with others in the field (e.g. NGO’s –Non government Organizations) that are already in the knowhow of issues and are active in helping others.

The photograph is a state of the Mass in the ship at the Port of Tokyo. It is independent of the document
- In matters of fidelity to family life and living one is called to be faithful to spouse and family- through your marriage vows, through the responsibilities as a parent and child in the house. We are called in family living to have a focus of sorts on the wellbeing of others.
- In matters of personal life and living my call could mean that as an individual I have to be integral before people and in mind and conscience. In the good I choose to do and the wrong I avoid.
Our COMMITMENT should mean that we have a focus in living the values of the Gospel to the fullest – Individually as a family and to help society to do the same.
CHALLENGES are part of our calling.
Jesus had prepared the Apostles about the hardships they would have to bear, the challenges they would have to face. He had prepared them to focus on the task of spreading the gospel without being encumbered with worldly matters.
Human as we are no one finds it easy to follow a commitment and call in all earnestness. Thisis because hardships and difficulties are part and parcel of life. For e.g.
- As an individual – especially when I grow up and get a sufficient amount of independence from the supervision of my parents, I could face difficulties of behaviour and habits ( drink, drugs, sex abuses...) The feeling of being “grown up” or “adult” may override the need to think correct in terms of Gospel values and good and right living. It’s a challenge.
- As a member of a family, especially when age catches up and I don’t see the “young” any longer in my spouse; I could get slack in the love I am expected to show. Giving in to children’s needs of expensive gadgets may erode the value that we are to help the poor in every way possible. Sacrifices have to be made. It’s a challenge.
- Towards one and all to forgive and forget the faults and failures of other members is always a challenge.
The Eucharist today strengthens us!
In the Eucharist today, as we receive the body and blood of the Lord:
- Like Amos we get the courage to say that what we say is that which comes from God.
- Like St. Paul we are assured of God’s grace within us which makes us belong to God as Children.
- Like in the lives of the Apostles despite hardships we get the courage to live the life of Jesus to the full.
May this be our prayer and conviction today and always.

The photograph is a state of the Mass in the ship at the Port of Tokyo. It is independent of the document
V. Prayers of and for all.
Celebrant: Called to the Christian way of living, and having made a commitment in our Baptism, we now pray to the good lord for strength to live our calling and understand the ups and downs of life.
Response : Lord Jesus help us to stay Committed.
1. That the holy church of God under the leadership of Pope Francis be ever attentive to God Calling us to be witnesses of his love in the world. Lord hear us. Res.
2. That members of all our families (in our parish, our relatives, those we know that live abroad and in other cities...) experience the warmth of Gods graces to live meaningful Christian lives in our world today. Lord hear us. Res.
3. That we as individuals be able to surmount all difficulties & challenges that come our way in living the full Gospel life expected of us. Lord hear us .
4. That Seafarers and fishing communities be able to understand the struggles and difficulties they have to face. That they be able to join hands to overcome these and other injustices in society. Lord hear us. Res
5. That persecuted Christians in India and worldwide, in this day and age, gain the courage to return forgiveness and love to all. Lord hear us. Res.
6. That the faithful departed, be granted eternal rest as a reward for their commitment. Lord hear us. Res.
Celebrant: Oh Lord our Holy Redeemer, we your messengers as you to hear our prayers and grant our requests. Through Christ our Lord.
-Fr.Xavier Pinto, C.Ss.R.
Fr. Xavier Pinto, C.Ss.R.
India National director/ Chaplain
Apostleship of the Sea,
876. Alto Porvorim,
GOA. INDIA. 403521
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