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カトリック教会に属するAOS東京では、毎月、プロテスタント教会の船員司牧・福祉団体のMission to Seafarers(MTS)と一緒に訪船活動を行っています。
聖公会のSimon Ro司祭のメッセージを頂きました。

Hello everybody! My name is Simon Ro, Port chaplain of The Mission to Seafarers Yokohama. The seafaring population is a diverse group of nationalities, cultures and faiths. This means that partnership in ministry with faith groups and other Christian denominations is essential in the service of seafarers. We continue to make monthly visits to the Port of Tokyo and share ship visiting activities with Misaki-san from AoS Tokyo. I am also a member of the AoS Tokyo committee. “How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!” (Psalm 133.1)

Ship Visitation
AOS – Tokyo
February 13, 2019
13 February 2019, together with Fr. Simon Ro of the Mission to Seafarers (MTS) based in Yokohama, Fr. Edwin Corros and Ms. Iwai Misaki of the Apostleship of the Sea (AOS-Tokyo), had visited two ships at Tokyo International Port.
Ducked at Oi Terminal, the team initially had visited the bulk carrier ship called Liberty Island, which is registered under the flagship of Panama. The cargo vessel manned by twenty-one crews including the Captain who are all Filipinos was scheduled to leave at 6:00 in the evening that day, according to one of the crews. During the visit, the Captain and some of his crews warmly welcomed the team at the mess room. They were offered coffee. In the course of their exchange of pleasantries, Fr. Edwin came to know that the Filipino Captain is from Antique while the first Officer is from Capiz. Both Officers originally came from the same Panay Island where Fr. Edwin hailed from. The C/O was in fact, the brother of Fr. Edwin’s classmate. Being from the same island, it was a great occasion to speak Ilonggo is such visit. Eleven of the crews were scheduled to finish their contract on February 18 and they all look forward to meet their families back home.

From Oi Terminal, the team of pastoral workers then proceeded to Shinagawa Terminal where they had visited Pancom Glory, a Korean vessel. The ship has seventeen crews of whom ten were Koreans including the Officers and the Captain. The rest of the crews were six seafarers from Myanmar and one Chinese Korean. Fr. Simon being Korean himself was happy to meet with the Korean seafarers as they spoke all the time in their own national language. Just like other ships that enter Tokyo port, the Korean container ship was not going to stay long in Tokyo. She hoped to leave once the containers had been emptied and replaced with another goods.





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